3rd Place Winner


Congratulations to Fay Hall, who had the closest answer to the bonus question for 3rd prize, which is a copy of of my latest children’s book Wacky Wild Tales, and a 20 piece marker set.  I asked what were my three favorite science fiction movies of 2016, and she guessed two of three, with Star Trek Beyond and Star Wars Rouge One. Her third guess, Passengers, I haven’t seen yet. My third movie that I chose was Captain America/Civil War.




Congratulations to Robert Reichart, our grand prize winner, who will receive SIGNED COPIES OF ALL MY BOOKS AND BONUS PRIZES AS WELL:

DIMENSION LAPSE                                                                                                           DIMENSION LAPSE II: RETURN TO DOOMSDAY                                           DIMENSION LAPSE III: DIMENSIONAL BREAKDOWN                             DIMENSION LAPSE SPECIAL EDITION SERIES(3 BOOKS)                     TOBIAS MEETS A FRIEND                                                                                             WACKY WILD TALES                                                                                                         BARGO LYNDEN: ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME(DUE OUT FEB. 2017)                                                                                                                                             SIGNED COPY  OF 1ST CHAPTER OF DIMENSION LAPSE 4: JOURNEY TO ALDRON                                                                                                   120 MARKER COLORING SET

2nd PRIZE goes to Nancy Turner Vaughn, who won a copy of the DIMENSION LAPSE SPECIAL EDITION SERIES, including the newest third edition, due out in January 2017.

3rd Prize, a copy of my latest book, WACKY WILD TALES, and a 20 piece marker set has yet to be determined, and a special question will be given this weekend to determine the 3rd place winner.

Congrats to all those who participated, and welcome all new blog followers!

No third prizes have been determined yet, due to lack of interest. I hoped that I could get more people to participate in the contest. I will post 2 more questions this weekend to find 2nd and 3rd prize winners. Since the idea was to promote more followers, it has worked in this respect.



This week’s question is an open question to all who want to participate, and is about the year in science fiction 201, and is an opinion poll.

What are your three favorite science fiction movies of the year?


Whoever is closest to the three I picked, will win the second prize, a copy of the Dimension Lapse Series: Special Edition, to be completed in January 2017, with the last installment Dimensional Breakdown.


The winner of the grand prize has been determined, and will be announced De, 28th, 2016. I’d like to thank all those who participated in the contest, and my new blog readers for following me. I will have one more question Friday for third place, which is a special belated Christmas gift for your little ones!




This week ‘s questions have to do with Christmas or movies made around the holidays. There will be a special question next week to determine 2nd and 3rd place winners. 1st Place winner has been decided, and will be announced on Dec. 26th, 2016. Good luck to everyone in these last 2 weeks! Here are this week’s questions:


  1. In Gremlins, what are the creatures called by the old Chinese gentleman?
  2. Billy chases Spike into a store where he is finally killed. What is the name of the store?


3.  In the movie Children of Men, how many years have passed since the global infertility began?

4.  What is the name of the militant immigrant group who kidnaps Theo Faron?



5. In the B movie Santa Claus Vs. The Martians, why do the Martians kidnap Santa?

6. Who sabotages the toy machine?


7.  In Edward Scissorhands, who is the religious fanatic who claims he is the work of the devil

8.  Vincent Price’s last role was the inventor in the movie. He was also in a movie which became the basis for The Omega Man and I Am Legend. What was the name of this movie?