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The DC universe has expanded in the last couple of years, mainly due to keeping up with Marvel’s huge success in the superhero area. We all know Batman’s and Superman’s story, but until recently, Wonder Woman and Aquaman had all but disappeared from the movies and television. We get a glimpse of the Justice league in Batman vs. Superman, and the prelude to Aquaman.

The film begins in 1985 Maine, during a storm, when lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry (Temeura Morrison) rescues Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), princess of the underwater nation of Atlantis. They fall in love, get married, and have a child named Arthur(Jason  Mamoa), who becomes Aquaman, and has the ability to communicate with marine life forms, has incredible strength, and able to breath on land or in water. His mother returns to the sea and her kingdom when they are attacked. The child remains with his father, but is secretly trained by Nuidis Valco (William DeFoe),  when he is young.

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Aquaman arrives during a pirate hijacking of a Russian submarine, thwarts the attempt, and the leader, Jesse Kane is killed in the confrontation.  His son David (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), later targets Atlantis at the bequest of Orm (Patrick Wilson), Arthur’s half brother. King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren) declares war on the surface world. Aquaman’s only hope is to find the magical trident of Atlan, which belonged to Atlantis’ first ruler.

I saw this movie as an afterthought, while my wife watched another movie with a friend in the same movieplex. I can honestly say, that although Batman vs. Superman and Wonder Women were entertaining, and special effects were spectacular, DC has yet to live up to the Marvel hype that has taken over the box office. With Infinity Wars coming out recently, DC has fallen way behind the superhero 8 ball.

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This one was no different, in my opinion; good, but falling short of the expectations that Marvel set in motion with their series of films. The story lacked the substance of a true superhero movie, and you felt that without the magical trident, the main character was at a huge disadvantage. The villains were predictable and dull, the same type of men you’ve seen in so many films before. 

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The special effects, set designs, and mythical creatures were the highlight of the film, and very well done, in my opinion. There were a few inconsistencies in the scientific department, lack of explanation how things work, but this is common in many comic book films. Sound should be an issue underwater, and it wasn’t addressed properly in the film in parts. Over all, it was rather entertaining, but it isn’t one I’d be adding to my collection any time soon.

5 out of 10 stars 


  1. Nick, Interesting review. I took Lillie and for a ten year old, she had a lot to say in comparing this to Marvel’s Avengers movies. She didn’t like that Aquaman let a character die when he could have saved him and she questioned the science of them being able to speak under water and why some of their subs had water in the cabin and others didn’t. I thought it was good for a DC movie.


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