It is the most well known and most unknown military base in the US. Its mere existence was denied until a few years ago. It is Area of 51, a military base 45 miles south of an area called Groom Lake in Nevada. Its projects are totally classified, and anyone caught trespassing will be shot dead on site, and the military has the power to do so. Even the non classified stories of the base are right out of science fiction.
After WWII, the military was looking for a secluded area to test secret aircraft, rocket propulsion systems, and advanced weapons. When certain aircraft flew out of the airport, there were reports that high speed objects were traveling faster than any other at the time, and people reported bright flashes of light. They were, of course, only experimental aircraft, later known as Blackbirds. Many of those aircraft later became commonplace in the battlefield, including drones and Stealth bombers.

There are other theories that come from UFOlogists, those involving reverse engineering of ufos, experimentation on aliens and alien hybrids, communication with aliens, and an actual technology trade programs It is believed that the bodies from the Roswell crash are there, but we will probably never know even if they were. They claim that there is an underground base where all this occurs. The officials in charge enjoy having these theories because it takes the focus of the real black-op programs they are working on.
Whether or not this is the truth remains to be seen. It is really a question of whether we should know what is going on, and if we want to know what’s going on. Some secrets are better kept secret. Like President Clinton
once said in a public statement,”If they had any aliens in Area 51, they didn’t tell me about it either.”
I will return on Monday with a brand new series. Until then, have a great weekend. Here are today’s links:



Animal hybrids are common in nature, as long as the genes are closely related. Animals such as the Donkey, Liger, and several breeds of dogs are the result of hybridization. But how many animals have been the result of human genetic research experiments, and what is the outcome of such research? We know that some have been successful to some degree, like cloning, and natural cross-breeding. But what about the failures. One such
failure is Plum Island. Some of the experiments reported there have been horrifying, unethical, and unmentionable.
It was built in 1943, supposedly to work on viruses that were potentially deadly to humans as well. The alleged result were nature’s monstrosities, deformed and frightening. One such animal washed up on Montauk island a few years ago, but because the body was so decayed, they will never know exactly what it was.
In UK for the past few years, the government has been working on a program to splice animal genes and human genes, forming chimera hybrids. The embyros are only supposed to be kept for 14 days, but who knows. One of them are simian genes, or apes, mirroring the famous Planet of Apes stories, and my novel. I can’t deny the fact that I was inspired by this idea from the movies, as well as others. The real questions about this scenario are is it even possible, and are they destroying the embryos.
After WWII, the US military tested how dangerous airborne viruses were by spraying American cities to see the result. 12 people died, and several were sick for weeks. During the cold war, several soldiers were submitted to mind control experiments, involving hallucinogenics such as LSD and Demerol. It has also been used on prisoners
without the knowledge of the public. They were used to extract information, control patients to modify behavior, and to basically to succumb the patient to the controller’s will.
The government is also allegedly involved in alien-human hybrid breeding. Under Denver airport there is a supposed to be a human-reptilian race. And yes, I also got this idea for my book from this story, and the television series “V”. In Area 51, there are alleged experiments combining humans with the “greys.” Whether these stories are true or not is debatable, but I’m certain that it’s possible somewhere in the universe because whether we’re humans or animals, we’re all made of the same matter.
Tomorrow we will discuss Area 51 and what people think is really going on there. It is probably one of the most secretive programs that there is. Until then, here are today’s links:



There were many types of experimental aircraft that were developed and continue to be developed by the military. Some of the more successful and well known were the Stealth bomber, and the f-16s. There were, however, many others that were less well known. After WWII, the military developed several different designs, including the Northrup XB-35, better known as “The Flying Wing”, which looks surprisingly like the Stealth Bomber with propellers. It was more fuel efficient with less drag, but had issues with the propellers. There was also the Vought V-173, nicknamed “The Flying Pancake” because of its circular wing design. Currently, the military is working on the Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle, which is to be used as a bomber, and boasts a speed of Mach 22, and can hit a target anywhere in the world within an hour,and the X-51 Waverider that travels at Mach 6.
Recently in the news, it was reported that a secret military-NASA craft, the Boeing X-37B, had orbiting the Earth for two years, collecting data. No one claimed ownership until recently, and it is believed that some UFO reports can be attributed to its presence. I believe this is true in a lot of cases, it is just a matter of
mistaken identity. The Flying Wing looks remarkably like the aircraft seen over Mt. Rainier, and several other reported UFO sightings. Which brings us to the second part of today’s topic-UFO reverse technology.


Ever since the Roswell incident, the military was intrigued with developing a flying disc-shaped aircraft. Even if you don’t believe in the alien-body story, it is a known fact that the military developed several prototypes, but few were successful. The most promising was the Avrocar, more like a hovercraft than an actual
aicraft. It managed to travel at least a mile. The biggest problem with the disc design is that it is highly unstable. Many engineers came up with ideas, ranging from electromagnetism to rocket propulsion, but none were able to find a solution to the problem.
Scientists still believe that electromagnetism is involved, but also think that anti-gravity is a factor as well. So until a system for anti-gravity is developed, it is still unfeasible. Many aircraft were being tested in the Area 51 base, which supposedly doesn’t exist, but that topic will be discussed another day. Although many people think these projects should be public, I believe that they sometimes need to be secret to protect the country
from them falling into enemy hands.

Tomorrow I will discuss secret experiments that the government has been involved in involving such topics as animal genetic research, mind control, and other strange projects of the esoteric realm. Until tomorrow, here are the links:



This is perhaps one of the strangest alleged experiments the government has ever conducted, and was the gateway to our current stealth technology. On August 27, 1943, the USS Eldridge was involved in an experiment involving Alfred Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, which united electromagnetism and gravity into a single field, thus supposedly rendering the ship invisible. This theory was later proven by bending light around an object to make it look invisible by using mirrors(ex-invisibility cloak.)
The story goes that the ship disappeared, and then reappeared minutes later, with a flash of bright light and a greenish fog. The experiment was repeated on Oct. 28, 1943, where the ship became invisible, and then reappeared in Norfolk, VA, 200 miles away, and teleported back in time 10 minutes. Men were fused inside of the decks, several of them also disappeared completely, and some had severe radiation sickness and mental disorders.

A movie was made in 1984 depicting the incident, but several high ranking officials claim the events in it were based on greatly exaggerated accounts of the experiment, and were not credible. Although it remains one of the most interesting cases of government secrecy, we will probably never know what really happened. If there were such a device that actually worked without side effects, the government would definitely keep it under wraps. Some people believe they might have, and it is a possible explanation of the occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle region.
Personally, I believe there is a possibility this incident might have actually occurred, as far as the disappearance goes. They may have developed a type of disintegration ray, and felt it was unstable and unpredictable, so they abandoned the project. We will never know the real truth. Tomorrow, I will discuss one of
my favorite secret projects: Experimental aircraft and reverse technology of UFOs. Until then, here are today’s links:



Ever wonder what projects the government is working on that they don’t tell the public about? They are many; from weapons to genetic research, from UFO technology to mind control. This week we’ll explore some the declassified cases and their impact on society.
Everyone is familiar with these projects that brought German scientists here to work on rocket technology and the production of atomic bomb. What a lot of people don’t know about is the secrecy of these projects. Many people who were working on the bomb had no idea what they were building. They each had a certain part to build, and were not told what it was a part of. The government went to great extent to keep a lid on it, they didn’t want the Japanese or other opposing forces to find out their plans.

Officials of the Army Ballistic Missile AgencyVON BRAUN MISSILE
The two key men involved in German technology being incorporated into our country’s weapons and space programs are Albert Einstein and Wernher Von Braun. Although Einstein was a pacifist, he also understood the need to get the weapon technology away from the Russians. He believed that if used correctly, atomic energy was one of the most efficient forms of power. He defected here, offering his theories and ideas to the American government, but was not
directly involved in the production of the bomb, and later even regretted offering his knowledge to be used for such purposes. Walter Von Braun was the key player in rocket technology, allowing us to build rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and helping us to enter the space race. Although operation paperclip is a well known operation, it is still one of the most classified.

One of the most well documented movies about this subject is called “Fat Man and Little Boy”, and is named after the two bombs used in Japan. Tomorrow I will discuss another well known project, which is more skeptical, called “The Philadelphia Experiment.” Until tomorrow, here are today’s links:


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