EVERY ONE KNOWS ABOUT THE FIRST DOCUMENTED ALIEN ENCOUNTERS. The three that started it all were the Roswell incident, the Ken Arnold incident, and the flight 19 case.
Each one of first two stories had distinctive similarities in that they both contained disc shaped objects. In Flight 19, there wasn’t a disc reporting, but the pilots did report a strange electronic fog before they vanished.
The Roswell case is, of course, the most famous. On July 4th, 1947 a rancher reported seeing a disc shaped object crash in the desert, and calls the local police, who in turn called the air force and they investigated it. Jesse Marcell reported that he had found a metal that was as thin as tin foil but indestructible as well. There had also been a report of bodies at the crash scene. It was of course dismissed later as a weather balloon.
In the Ken Arnold incident, he was a pilot flying over Mt. Rainier in Washington on June 24th, 1947, when he noticed objects moving at approximately 1200 miles an hour, much faster than anything that the air force had at the time. Because of the way they moved he compared then to saucers bouncing off the water, thus penning the term “flying saucer.”
In the Flight 19 case, five Avenger bombers were traveling over the Bermuda triangle on Dec. 5, 1945, when they disappeared. They reported a strange electronic fog, and their instruments went haywire. This case, however interesting it may be, is more likely due to pilot error or weather conditions than extraterrestrial interference. There have been known to be certain areas in the world where electronic equipment does not function properly, and the Bermuda Triangle is one of those regions.
In my book, some of the myths are there-the flying saucers, the one eyed creature, and little grey men. I purposely put them in there to add a little light hearted humor to the story. Today’s links investigate some of these famous cases:




On September 19th, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill set out for a vacation to Canada from New Hampshire. As they traveled they saw a strange object in the sky. They stopped to look at it, and the rest is Ufology history.
This is the first case of an actual abduction by extraterrestrials, and other familiar factors, such a little grey men, bizarre scientific experiments, and missing time.
The couple was placed under hypnosis to reveal the entire chilling story. The local air force admitted that night that a strange object had shown on the radar.
After the incident, the stories became all too familiar. Tales of abduction continued until the air force was no longer able to ignore it, and started Project Blue Book, which will discussed in another blog.
Today, I have several links which deal with this particular case.
Do you believe that these experiments are really the work of aliens, or is our own government behind it. We may never know the truth about the issue. But until tomorrow, like Ed MacMahon used to say, “keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars!”



On a cool November morning in 1975, Travis Walton and six other lumberjacks working for the Arizona Forest Service went to do some thinning of trees. It started out like any other day, but little did they know that that evening would change their lives forever.
This is perhaps one of the scariest and most well known abduction cases. It not only involves strange biological experiments, but is substantiated by other witnesses and by fact that Walton was physically missing for three days. There is no reason to believe that the other men were lying, they had nothing to gain by kidnapping him. There was also the fact that Walton himself had admitted he remembered nothing after he was abducted until he was placed under hypnosis. A major motion picture was made based on Walton’s own account of the incident.
We sometimes like to believe that we know all of this world’s secrets. The actual truth is that we only know about 10% of what we need to know about our world and universe. The oceans have never been truly explored, and we are just beginning to understand that our current laws of physics may not apply under certain conditions.
Why are there so many abductions involving experimentation on humans, and if it is the government, why would they be doing it? If it is aliens, the reasons are just as bizarre. Is it for a hybrid race of human-aliens? Is it to find out more about us?
You decide, as you view the several links to this unique case:



Everyone who is over 45 probably remembers the movie “Communion” with Christopher Walkin portraying the part of Whitley Strieber, an author who was vacationing in a cabin in Upstate New York in late December of 1985. He heard a strange noise in his cabin and went to investigate, only to be confronted by an alien being. Hours later, he found himself near the woods outside his home, unaware of how he got there.
Again this is a strange case involving alien experimentation. The difference with this case is that he stated that there was more than one kind of alien, in fact four kinds. He was placed under hypnosis to reveal what happened to him.
His psychologist suggested that he might have an epileptic disorder, producing hallucinations. Could all these supposedly everyday people have the same hallucinations, or is there really something to these occurrences? We may never know what is really going on. Have you ever had an extraterrestrial encounter or sighting?
I can remember once when I was about twelve when I was in Canada at our family camp. My two older sisters and I were on the porch when we noticed lights in the far away distance. What was unusual was that they were moving rather quickly and in strange angles. they never came close enough for us to know what they were, and I never saw anything like them again. There were no stealth planes that I was aware of, but who knows what the government had at the time.
Anyway, alien abductions can be very traumatic to the abductee, if they believe they are real. Tomorrow we will investigate what some scientists believe is the answer-night terrors. Read what they have to say and make your own decision. Until tomorrow, here are some more links about this unusual case.


Today I wrap up the series with this question. Are people really experiencing these alien abductions or can they be explained some other way? Up until now, all the cases I have presented have been about abductions that happened when the person was driving or awake. Or were they?
Other than the Travis Walton case and flight 19, most abductions occur when the patient is asleep in bed, and awakens to find strange beings in there room that abduct them and perform medical experiments on them.
Scientists claim that these really are hallucinations from sleep paralysis, and most people only remember them through hypnosis. Hypnosis in itself is a questionable science and open to suggestive memories. Half a million people a year claim to have these “hallucinations”, and some are even substantiated by other witnesses, claiming the people have actually disappeared from the residence for a short time.
Are these really hallucinations and sleep paralysis, or is something more sinister going on? Whatever is going on, it’s worth investigating further. Night terrors are real, although they’re not all about aliens. With Halloween coming up, Freddy Kruger comes to mind!
I used to have them myself when I was a child. I’d wake up after hearing the sounds of cat’s fighting outside, and in my mind I began to believe that an imaginary creature called the “Catman” really existed. I found myself lying in bed terrified, thinking I was next on his victim list. What an imagination I had!
Join me the next week for my next series, which will deal with the ancient alien question. Have we been visited by ancient aliens in the past, or is that also a lot of rubbish? You decide. Until then, here are some links dealing with the sleep paralysis issue:


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