Samuel L. Jackson in Glass (2019)

Anyone who is familiar with M. Night Shyamalan knows that he always add a twist to his movies. In his early work of The Sixth Sense, we’ve seen how reality is not always what it seems to be, and there is always another way of looking at things.

Glass is no different a movie, a bridge between Unbreakable and Split, it blends the sinister Elijah Price,AKA Mr. Glass, (Samuel Jackson), and the multi-confusing personalities(too many to list) of James McAvoy. Bruce Willis reprises his role as security guard David Dunn, who is now operating out of his own security shop along with his son, tracking criminals, in hopes he might capture McAvoy, who has gone on a rampage of kidnapping and killing young girls.

Still of Shannon Destiny Ryan, Bruce Willis, and Nina Wisner in Glass.

When he finally confronts him, the police arrive,  the two of them are captured, and brought to a special security prison where he meets Dr. Ellie Staple(Sarah Paulson), where she is part of a special superhero-super villain experimentation program. The three of them are psychoanalyzed by the doctor, telling them they are not who they really think they are, and are just ordinary people with unusual circumstances. It all leads to sort of a three way war of the titans, with their loved one watching them destroy any hope they may have for the future.

Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Sarah Paulson, and James McAvoy in Glass (2019)

M Night Shyalaman continues to deliver what he does best in this film.  The ending was not quite what I expected, but this is not unusual considering who is directing it. All in all, i’d have to give this one a 4 out 5 stars. Keeping us on the edge of our seat; he’s done it again!