BARGO LYNDEN: WIZARDS AND WARLOCKS                                                                                   FEBRUARY 2018

Join Bargo Lynden as he completes his wizardry training, and prepares to embark in another adventure across the seas to dangerous far away lands. He must learn about his heritage, and fight against the forces of evil to once again save the Shudolin.



ALDRON SERIES, BOOK 2 : RETRIBUTION                                                                                         AUGUST 2018

Angelica follows Varloo into yet another universe to stop him from creating his race of hybrids, and creating a device capable of manipulating matter itself. Jeff Walker, Batar, and Cely help her to complete her mission and face the Aldronian Council to plead for their help in stopping him. He takes control of the world, and even imprisons his own father and brother. They must fight together to regain control and stop Varloo once and for all.



WHAT A DAY FOR SLEDDING DEC. 2018   (No picture Available)

Tommy and his friends are sledding, but there aren’t enough sleds to go around. Will he and his friends learn to share, or will they be selfish, and hurt each others’ feelings?









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