Today on my blog, I’m going to talk about things on a more personal note. It’s been a rough year so far, but things are starting to look a little brighter. It actually started last year, when my car started having problems. After I sold it, and was finally able to buy a newer one, I received news that my sister contracted cancer, and only had two years to live. Her time ended up being considerably less, and she died of pneumonia no more than a month later. My next book of the Dimension Lapse series, Retribution, will be dedicated in her honor.

Between this, the continued problems with my daughter, and my wife’s hip issues, I have had my hands full. The surgeon refused to operate on my wife’s hips due to several other health issues, so she received a shot that was supposed to relieve some of the pain. So far, she is doing much better, and is going to go to aquatic therapy.

Then there were the many Comic Cons and shows I’ve already attended this year. I am much busier this year as far as appearances go, but it has left me little time to write. I am currently working on Dimension Lapse V: Retribution, due out sometime in August, but judging from the completion of the first draft, that date may be a bit premature.  I am still working on the first draft, and need another estimated 30,000 words to complete it.

I’m not worried about the plot or outline; I pretty much know how things are going to end. The hard part is getting the willpower to write. For a couple of weeks, I lost that ability to tell a story, and lost the pleasure I find in writing. Maybe it was the loss of my sister, who inspired my work, or maybe it was my own person family issues, but I just couldn’t get myself to work on my manuscript, even when I was already on the computer.

I guess you could call it writers block, but this isn’t my normal writing plan. There was a point I was averaging 3,000-7,000 words in a day. Lately, I’d been lucky if I could spit out 700. I never get bored with writing, and usually I don’t run  out of ideas. Once in a while, I might have to do a little thinking to get my character out of a certain situation, and that is when I take the story in a different direction. That is the beauty in science fiction, fantasy, and time travel. There are so many different directions you can go in.

So here I am, back at my computer, and into another exciting space adventure. I am hoping to finish up the series this year with the last book, Precious Cargo, which will actually be much different from the others, as it will be the first book Angelica Avery goes it alone, without the help of Captain Jeff Walker.  My next book has been a little slow going, but I believe now I have the cohesiveness to pull it all together, and link it in with the others.

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