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Solar Energy is a new way of using the resources of the sun and transferring it to a renewable energy source without any waste product. But is it really as safe as they say it is, and what happens when global warming becomes so extreme that out renewable energy is blocked from us?
In my story, the world has already destroyed itself from a nuclear war, and its inhabitants have moved on to the next planet. They have learned from their past mistakes and have tried to regenerate a long dead neighboring world. Can we learn before it’s too late, or will this become a painful prophecy come true?

Either way, we should all do our part to use as little waste as we can, and conserve energy. I am not preaching, I’m guilty of this myself. I do know, however, that in about five billion years, the light bulb’s going go out. The good thing is all of us will be long gone before that happens. The bad thing is, if we are the only planet with life, that will be the end of it as we know it.

Here are three articles that deal with the subject of solar energy and its future:



In my story, nuclear fusion is used to power spaceships to other worlds, as well as to power the ultra-destructive weapon that Zarcon’s people created. Nuclear Fission is used to destroy the earth, in the form of outdated nuclear warheads.

In our world, the later scenario is more than just fantasy. It can happen at any time, as our outdated equipment just sits around collecting dust. Nuclear fission is also used in power plants, but not without drawbacks. There is the possibility of meltdown, and natural disasters like the one we saw in Japan. Fusion is a cleaner process, but we are years from creating a fusion based system. It requires an enormous amount of energy that we just can’t contain at this time.
Are there other worlds out there who have already conquered this problem, and are freely roaming the galaxies? One thing is for sure, if there are, they could show us a thing or two about solving our energy problems……




In Star Trek, interstellar travel is a common occurrence, using faster than light travel like a bus line, and  and other unknown power systems that allow them to travel from star to star with relative ease. But is this really possible, and how long would it actually take to go from one star to another?

I like to think that my story is more about the action, and less to do with the technology. However, the story must be cohesive, so an energy based system that travels from star to star has to be believable.  Maybe someday this may be a reality, but what are the theories scientists believe that might make this possible? And do we really need to focus on such an operation when we can’t even solve our problems here on Earth?

Some say yes and some say no. I believe that to survive as a race, we almost have to. We’re a sitting duck on this planet, and sooner or later it will be gone. If we don’t at least try to explore our surroundings, we will have no future as a race. I’m sure other alien civilizations have already realized this, and this could be why so many UFO stories are different, that is, if you believe in UFOs…..



In my book, technology plays primary to setting. Although the setting is just as important, a great deal of the plot has to do with an advance in technology that Jeff Walker is not totally prepared for. At first, he suffers what they call culture shock. He lives in a world where technology is important, but not as highly advanced as it could be. Then he is thrown back to a primitive world, where there isn’t even running hot water.

When I think of this, I think of the simpler days in the 60’s when I was a boy. My parents used to take us to our family to camp every summer where there was no electricity, no running water, and only a gas stove for cooking. Sometimes we would cook on the potbellied wood stove that provided the heat for the night. My father fished from the river sometimes, and would eat the fish, and wonderful baked potatoes! We used coolers and ice to keep food cold, which we still do to this day.  The camp has since been modernized with solar panels for electricity, and heated running water from pressure tanks and a “tankless” hot water heater. The gas stove my parents owned was similar to one I saw at John Ringling’s estate in Sarasota. He was one of the first people to own one.

It’s amazing how far we have come in just this century. We’ve gone from cooking on open fires to using microwaves, from torture chambers to hospitals that can actually perform difficult and delicate operations.From computers that were the size of a small auditorium to units that are as small as a postage stamp-or even smaller.

People have said that technology has caused us to be a separated society, texting instead of picking up the phone and calling someone(I remember rotary phones!), and wearing headphones everywhere we go to block out the outside world around us. Others say it will only make our world a better place; free from disease, and reaching for the stars. What do you think? I’m looking for a little feedback on this one. Just go to the bottom of the page, and leave a reply.

Here’s some links on how it’s changed over the years, and more on the debate.

The Spread of Technology since 1900

My last installment of the series is a question. Are we really better off with technology, or are we regressing as a race because of it?
Well, one thing is for sure, there are many things that have made our life simpler; electricity, plumbing, being able to shop whenever and where ever we want, gas to give us heat, automobiles to get us where we what to go, the list goes on. If you don’t think they’re such a big deal, try living without them for a week!
There are some things, however, that made life harder. Machinery taking away jobs, global economies collapsing, credit card debt, computer piracy, hacking, and theft.  My opinion of all of this, is we are neither any better or worse by technology. There are many things we can live without, but choose not to. We always have to have the newest gadget to satisfy our needs of belonging to the masses. If technology helps us live and longer, be healthier, and have a better life, I’m all for it. Only the future can hold what path that we are to take next. Let’s just hope that it’s the right one…..Sorry, no links today, but if you have any comments, feel free to post them at the bottom of the page.

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