I asked my wife last night,”What topic should I post for my series this week on my blog?” She immediately answered ESP, being a bit of self proclaimed psychic herself(She claims to know when something bad is going to happen.) Although I can’t find a lot of information about the subject, I will do my best in this area.
Personally, I do believe that some people are more susceptible than others in the ability. I’m not saying that I believe in psychics, fortune tellers, or people who can predict the future. What I’m saying is that we all have a built in sixth sense that allows us to make the right and wrong decisions in life, similar to what scientists call instinct in animals. Have you ever had the feeling that if you go to a certain place, something bad was going to happen? I know I have, but I don’t know if I call it ESP!
In my novel “Dimension Lapse”, three of the main characters possess psychic abilities. Each one uses the four areas of ESP(telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis.) Although, we as humans may have a small ability in one of the areas, I have never heard of anyone who had all of them. That is not to say that someday our minds won’t be capable of such acts. Albert Einstein, one of the smartest men who ever lived only used 7% of his brain capacity, and most people only use 3%. If we could use all of it, imagine what we could accomplish.

This week I will look at each one of these psychic phenomenon in detail. Tomorrow I will discuss telepathy; its uses, how it affects certain areas, such as scientific research, medical research, and military applications. Until tomorrow, here are today’s links:



Clairvoyance and precognition are very similar areas of parapsychology. Clairvoyance is simply the ability to see things out of the normal perception of our minds. This can mean seeing things that have happened in the past, present or future, or allegedly the ability to speak with spirits, such as a medium. Precognition is simply the ability to see events that happen in the future.
Many of the prophets in the bible were said to be clairvoyant and precognitive. They had visions that for saw future cataclysmic events, like Isiah or John of Patmos, the prophet who was said to have wrote the book of Revelation, or the Oracle in Greek mythology. The greatest and allegedly most accurate prophet, Nastrodamus’ predictions are still said to be coming true even in today’s times. Whether or not that is factual is still open to interpretation.
My own opinion is that nobody can tell exactly what is going to happen in the future. That is not to say that people can’t get premonitions or have retrocognition. I have experienced these feelings myself, such as whether or not something bad was going to happen(like my wife’s ability), the feeling of deja’vous, and the communication of a loved one through a dream or vision. I believe most people have these abilities in one form or another. Call me crazy, but I once was standing at work sweeping the stairway and had a vision of being in another wooden stairway during the civil war. It only lasted a second or two and then it was gone. I wasn’t thinking about it, I just had a strange feeling I’d been there before. Another time just two days after I hit a deer, I had a strange feeling another deer would run out in front of me, and sure enough one did. I was able to avoid him. Although it was a frequently traveled area, the chances of two deer in two days is still rare.

I won’t get into mediums too much because that branch of parapsychology is a completely different subject. Although I believe there is something to ghosts and spirits, I am doubtful certain people have a
predestined power to communicate with them. I do believe, however, that some people may have the ability to pass their kinetic energy to certain objects after their death.
Tomorrow I will explore the world of psychokinesis, the ability to move objects with the mind. Until then, here are today’s links:



When I was a kid I used to watch a show called “The Amazing Kreskin.” He was a world renown psychic and could guess birthdays, guess what items you had in your purse or wallet, or guess if you lost a loved one. At the time,
he seemed genuine to me, after all, how could anyone make this stuff up.
Of course, now I know there are tricks of the trade, just like magician. It all has to do with the power of
suggestion, and how it influences the human mind. But is telepathy(the communication of one mind to another), really possible or is it the stuff of science fiction? In my novel, Zarcon is able to read others thoughts and even communicate with them. Has this or will this ability ever develop in humans?
Scientists have struggled with this for years with failed experiments, but may
have developed a way to do this through electrical impulses, similar to those they use in computerized medical systems, such as artificial limbs and pacemakers. The military is currently working on a system where soldiers can communicate from 100 miles away just using electrical impulses from their mind. A couple of scientists figured out how to play a video game with two people just using their thought impulses. Although we’re a long way off, it will happen one day.


But what if we could read each others’ thoughts? Is it really a good thing? It reminds me of an old Gilligan’s Island episode, where Gilligan burns a plant that contains mind reading seeds. “Now that the seeds are gone,” he says. “Can’t we all be friends again?” Would you really want other people to let you know what they really think about you? I know a lot of relationships that wouldn’t last if this was the case.
Sooner or later, nothing in our minds will be private. Similar to to the police-like state in Minority Report, we may someday be able to stop someone from committing a crime before it occurs, or modify behavior to suit society’s needs. It’s a scary thought. Until then, should learn to be considerate to our fellow man, so this might be able to be avoided in the future. Tomorrow I will discuss clairvoyance(the ability to for see future events.) Until then, here are today’s links:



Psychokinesis, or telekinesis, as it more often called is the ability to move objects with only the mind. In my novel, Riona, the leader of the Galactic Republic of Peaceful Planets, possesses this ability through the use of a special drug. But is it really possible to achieve this only using the human mind?
When I think of what this entails, I seriously have my doubts that it’s even possible. Many magicians, hypnotists, and psychics have tried levitation in their acts, but in my opinion, that’s exactly what they are-acts.
Uri Geller, Ted Owens, and Dean Radin are early examples of “levitators.” And we’re all familiar with the bending spoon trick, which is just that.
My all time favorite and most classic use of the power is in the movie “Carrie.” It is used to the extreme, as even cars fly into buildings, and buildings burst into flames. I still get the willies when I watch this Steven King masterpiece. Magneto and Jean from the X-men series are also examples. Magneto uses magnetism to move objects with his mind. Although it is purely fiction to move an object mentally, it has been proven that magnetism can manipulate objects to levitate.

Scientists believe that psychokinesis is strictly the stuff of science fiction. There has never been a substantiated case to prove it even exists. Paranormal investigators have found this a common occurrence in spiritual visitations, where objects appear to float or fly on their own, but again this is open to skepticism.
It would be nice to be able to do it, though. To grab a glass from halfway across the room, or turn off the TV without touching it, but isn’t that just being lazy? It could be helpful if you needed to lift something extremely heavy that you couldn’t lift on your own, however. Or maybe I could get my daughter out of bed early, by lifting her to her feet!
On that note, I will be taking the next two weeks off my blog for the holidays, and return with a new series on Jan . 5, 2015. The links are below. Have a happy and safe holiday, Merry Christmas to all of you, and have a Happy New Year!

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