Sunday’s City market at the fair was a great success! Books were sold, and a whole new group of people are now exposed to the world of science fiction. I would like to thank my author friend, Lisa Marie Notar(aka Catherine the Caterpillar) for joining me for this special event. Her presence helped to bring a special flare to the booth, and our networking together helped us to sell more books.

This event was quite an experience for me. I’d planned on selling at least 30 books, which was extremely wishful thinking on my part. There is too much vendor competition at the fair, and everyone is vying for the passing crowd, trying to lure them to their booth.  Books are not the most popular product these days; where a huge group of people have notebooks, kindles, or ipads to read off of.

lisa christiano notar 2

Lisa Notar(aka Caterpillar Lady)

Lisa and I proved that there are still many readers, whether young or old, that are  interested in old fashioned books. We made a comfortable profit between the two of us; I say comfortable because most indie writers have a hard time making even that.  Through networking, she was able to grab the children’s attention, with her pleasant nature, and her beautiful voice on tape, and I was able to capture the more obscure, older, varied crowd who like science fiction.

I also learned a few things about people. There was a older,special needs couple who passed by my booth, and one of them picked up a copy of my book, looked at it, and walked away with it. When I caught her taking it, she apologized, and I realized that she probably forgot she had picked it up in the first place. I would like to think that was the reason, and not that she really took it on purpose. It taught me, however, that in a large crowd, there is always the possibly of shoplifting.  I had learned this lesson before when I sold flea market stuff, but yesterday was a reminder.


Then there was the fellow who came over when I was in the bathroom, and Lisa was attending the booth. He picked up an outdated, flawed version of my book, which I was selling for a discount, looked at the back, and asked her if I needed an editor, when I clearly stated on the price sheet that there were typos, misspelling or formatting errors. The nerve of some people!

All in all, it was a great experience, even though there were some glitches with loading and unloading. I look forward to returning next year, where a whole new group will experience the worlds of Dimension Lapse!



Please join me Friday on my blog, when we’ll look how ancient Sumerian text describing reptilian gods who came from another world to change the evolutionary course of the human race.