Hello everyone! I am very pleased to announce the recent release of my newest book, Bargo Lynden: Adventure of A Lifetime, a fantasy adventure about a mythical race called the Woblos.

Woblos were actually a creation of mine from my youth, derived from a game where you fold a piece of paper in thirds. On the top part you draw a head of an animal or person, fold it, and hand it to the next person without showing it. They draw the midsection, do the same, and hand it to the next person, who draws the feet.

Although Woblos aren’t quite like this, you get the idea. I created an animal with rabbit ears and fur, an eagle’s beak and feet, and  human-like hands. When I was 12 years old I first started writing about them, and recently revisited my writing.

To say it was an ordeal to read what I wrote then would be an understatement.  I found my own writing illegible and unreadable in parts. I felt there was no other choice than to keep some of the characters, and scrap the story.  The result is an adventure worthy of a king’s read, and I hope you, as my readers will enjoy it as well as I enjoyed writing it.

I would like to give a special thank you to the person I dedicated the book to, and the person who inspired me to write in the first place, my seventh grade English teacher, Ronald Short. Without his help and guidance, I would have never pursued my interest in writing. Although I left the craft for a while due to life’s  little inconveniences, I have returned to end up publishing six books, and have plans for many more.  Sometimes writing mirrors life, and we all have to face difficult choices. This book dictates that, and the choices we must make, even if others believe it is the wrong one.



My next novel, Bargo Lynden: Adventure of A Lifetime, will be coming out soon on Amazon.

Bargo Lynden is a Blacksmith Apprentice from a land called the Shudolin, and belongs to a mythical race called the Woblos. He learns of Shala, father of their race, and how his people were once human, and changed into animals by a jealous Elven king, and the staff which will allow them to become human again.
He is called upon by the King’s Royal Guard to venture into enemy territory to rescue King Timothy, and Bargo’s cousin, Barlow, from an evil Elf named Ang, a disciple of the evil wizard named Garlock. An enemy race called the Licarions recently invaded parts of the Shudolin, bringing the land to the verge of war.
The Royal Guard members are led by Glam, an Elf who is also an old time adversary of Ang’s. Glam introduces Bargo to a world of faith and magic, where a powerful stone and staff are used to defeat evil, and reveals the history of Bargo’s people and the hidden gift within himself. The Woblo is faced to confront the wicked disciple himself, and use the staff, stone, an ancient Elven sword as his weapon. He must choose between his friends’ lives or his own to defeat an evil spell on the land, and suppress a forbidden love for a human woman he has known since childhood.

I am escpecially proud of this one because I originally wrote this as a 12 year old child. After reading what I wrote then, and yes, I still have it, I decided to scrap the original story, but keep the basic plot, setting, and characters. After seven months of writing and rewriting, I formulated a classic fantasy tale, with action, suspense, romance, faith and magic. My opinion is this is a tale of two faiths, one good, the other evil, and sometimes the line is very thin between the two. A decision must be made in our youth, and will often affect our later years, when those we loved are gone. Its a decision we’ve all made when we were young, and sometimes it can be a fatal mistake.

When I wrote this, I thought about myself as a child, and my own child. It made me realize that sometimes I was no different than my own daughter; just as defiant, just as stubborn, and just as deaf from my father’s ears.  This realization drove me to a story which I think portrays the rebel in all of us, as well as the hope in all of us.

I hope you enjoy my first fantasy novel in a series. As soon as I receive the link from Amazon, I will post it on my website. Thank you all for your support, and your quest for more reading!