This week on my blog I will continue to discuss the history of space travel, this week focusing on space probes and scientific exploration.Check it out!

Dimension Lapse

is now out in paperback at amazonbooks.com for $5.52 and online at smashwords.com for $3.99!
The story of a Martian colonist who travels through a wormhole and lands on a far away planet in another universe. He unwillingly gets involved with an intergallatic war,and the leader of the federation who is supposed to be keeping peace steals a weapon of mass destruction. The Martian’s key to survival is deeply rooted in his kind’s own past.black-hole-jet-caltech

World Solutions

This week on my blog I’m diverting a little bit from my novel. I will mention a little comparison between my story and how it pertains to each topic, but it will be more about the topic. I will have an article link to each topic that will be discussed. The topics are as follows:
1.Solar Energy
2.Fusion vs Fission-which is safer?
3.Will we ever be capable of interstellar
travel, and do we really need to be?
4.How technology helps and hurts us
5.Is a technological society really better, or do
we need to regress to save our humanity? IDL TIFF file