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This year kicked off in May with the release of my third science fiction novel,  Dimensional Breakdown and the third in the Dimension Lapse series, just in time for a May book signing, which was moderately successful. In June, and every month thereafter until September, I attended City Market downtown, which helped to promote my literary works. Also in May, there was a Facebook extravaganza, where I asked trivia questions, and the public responded. Several giveaways helped to promote further.



In June, a close friend and fellow writer, Don Massenzio, helped me to organize our first author meet and greet at the East Syracuse Free Library, with ten writers attending. Some sold books, and some did not, but all felt the companionship and networking which goes along with getting a bunch of fellow artists in the same room.



In July, there was the NY Lewis County Fair, where I didn’t expect to sell many, if any books. I actually did fairly well that day, which surprised me, and it was also a nice drive into the country, and the land of windmill farms.


In August, there were two events. First, there was the Clayton,NY book signing, which was a total bust. Fortunately, I had plans that day which took me in that area, and our family camp isn’t far from it, which is where I spent the next two days.  Then, there was the main event, which was a spot at the NY State Fair for a day. The exposure alone was worth the $25 I put on the spot to be there. I split the fee with fellow children’s author, Lisa Marie Christiano Notar. This proved to be an effective strategy, as we networked together to get the the optimal amount sold.  Other than being a very hot day and some parking issues,  it was a very gratifying experience. at first the day started slow for me, but things picked up in the afternoon, and quite a few were sold.

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In September, I released my second children’s book, Wacky Wild Tales, just in time for another author meet and greet at the East Syracuse Library. This one I organized myself, as Don was unavailable, but it still went pretty well.  Also in September, I started my first draft of my new fantasy novel, due out in Feb 2017, and a special XMAS Blog Contest, which proved fairly effective, as it drew 12 new followers to my blog.


There are some of the observations I noticed this year as far as my writing career goes. I noticed after I completed the third book of the series, I could more effectively market the Dimension Lapse series. I drew up a big display and a sign, which I placed in front of my tables, when the wind wasn’t strong enough to blow it over. This helped my visibility, and helped to draw business. I found people were sometimes more apt to buy the whole series, probably avid readers, and didn’t like to wait for the next book to come out. I also noticed that advertising doesn’t guarantee sales, at least not on facebook. I have yet to sell a decent amount of e-books, and have sold most outright at events. I also have learned that although books to relatives or friends make great Christmas presents, they don’t guarantee they’ll lead to sales either.


Was my year successful? Well, in some ways, I’d say yes. I sold three more books than my realistic goal, which is the number I hoped to reach by this time, after my bubble burst at the fair. I hoped to sell at fifty books at the event, but as the day went on, I realized even ten would be profitable to me. I exceeded at thirteen, which still made my day. Another thing that made my day there was the recognition of someone who actually didn’t know me, but had read my blog, and liked it. I thanked him for following, and felt honored.


2017 holds many surprises, but I hope to attend many more events, and increase my visibility by attending City market another year, and hopefully increase my catalogue as well. I have just released the last installment of the Dimension Lapse Special Edition Series , Dimensional Breakdown, which contains a preview chapter of the next installment, due out in June or July, after I complete Bargo Lynden: Adventure of A Lifetime, due out in February. I also plan to complete two more children’s book, one called What A Day For Sledding, hopefully by September, and Wacky Wild Tales 2, hopefully by December.  I hope to sell twice as many books as last year, which was my most successful yet.


I’d like to thank all of those who have supported me, and haven’t judged me on the basis that a writer doesn’t “work” at their craft. I don’t know how many traditionally published writers that have the snobbery attitude that self published authors are amateurs. We probably work as hard at our craft as anyone else. The same goes for anybody else who thinks a writer lives a “lazy” life.  There are many who have stood behind writers like myself, and support our efforts to bring you the next science fiction, fantasy, or children’s adventure!



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