My people call me Dormiton, and I live on an island we call masgria, or home. I have lived here all my life until Jeff arrived. We had been living in caves, gathering what food we could on the island, and we were happy in our own way. Jeff, however, showed us how to make our life easier; how to build huts to live in, how to grow our own food, and how to hunt if we wished. We refused, however, because our gods would not allow it.
We believed at first that Jeff was a god, but he insisted that he wasn’t. He had shown us things we had never seen before, and items we had never heard of. If it
wasn’t for his know how, I don’t know what we would have done.
I am thankful to him for that, and if he needs my help, I would give my life for him. Our whole life was changed when we met him, and we knew we had to be by his side no matter what was going to happen.
However this whole thing called war turns out, I hope we all are at least together when we either win against these Tolarions, or die trying. I am just thankful that I have found four of the most wonderful friends in this thing Jeff calls the universe……..



They call me Riona, and I was the leader of the Galactic Republic. I was born on Tios 4, a world that was beginning to deteriorate. When I left, I was severely affected by an alien organism that had wiped out most of my race. I landed on a planet called Tolaria, where a human cured me of my disease with a substance known as Triachilite. The side affect of the drug gave me mental powers that were beyond my beliefs.
I left the world long before the Tolarions came to power, and joined the Republic shortly after that, becoming an advisor, then worked my way up to to council member, and then to President of the Council.
When I found out who my “creator” was, I felt it was only right to be loyal to him only. That is when I turned against the Federation and began to help the Tolarions in their plan to overthrow them.
If it wasn’t for my old friend, Zarcon and his traitor friends, we would have succeeded in our plan sooner. Zarcon is a powerful adversary, but as those senseless humans say ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall.’
Once I get the death ray aimed at the Republic’s pathetic headquarters, they will come begging for us to spare them…..



My name is Zarcon,and I am the President of the planetary base on the planet Beloria. It is not my native world, merely a planet that was colonized by my species when we were capable of space travel.
My parents were from the planet Zarcharus, and we left when I was just a boy. They became ambassadors to Beloria, and I worked my way up to President.
Our race is an insect-like race that uses telepathy to communicate. At first we were not able to do this, but as our kind ingested a substance called Triachilite, which is a type of flower on our home planet, we slowly genetically, became telepathic.
We have a peaceful race that only defends itself when it has to, and we have several of our colonies working with the federation to maintain peace throughout the galaxy.
When the Tolarions repeatedly violated treaties, and Riona turned against us, I knew it would mean trouble. I had to work with the Martian Jeff Walker and the council to regain our position in the galaxy. However, with Riona stealing our most powerful weapon, I knew the odds were against us….



My name is Balta. I am the leader of the Tolarion army, and I was created along with others from human, simian, and alien genes to create a hybrid race of superior beings. Although I was created by a human, a man named Akros, AKA Dr. Louis Avery from a planet called Earth, I am fully capable of making my own decisions.
My decision is to irradicate the human race. Akros taught me everything I needed to know about them and their destructive ways, and that they would eventually eliminate our kind. I just feel that we needed a little added protection, so that is why I involved my good friend Riona, who was also mutated from human genes.
Eventually, Akros became a problem that we both had to deal with. Everything was working perfectly, until the Martian Jeff Walker got involved with our plan. That meddling human cost me everything-him and his oddball friends.
Every time Riona got close to killing him, someone would help him out. All I want is to crush these damn humans! They are the most persistent creatures I’ve ever seen. If I get the chance, I’m going to rip his throat out!!!!!


Jeff Walker-
My name is Major Jeff Walker. I was born on February 17th, 2113 on a Martian colony. My parents Michael and Marion were originally born orbiting the planet Earth in the space station Endronomis. My grandfather, Colonel Thomas Walker was originally from what was left of Earth.
He was born in a military bomb shelter deep within the bowels of the planet.
He joined the NASA space academy in 2052, and slowly worked his way up to Colonel. He had a son, Michael in 2081 who later joined the newly transformed NASA Martian space administration to begin the colonization of Mars.
His son is yours truly, and I of course followed in their footsteps. My father was a transporter pilot, but I chose not to take that path. I didn’t want to be responsible for all those people. My parents were killed on a return flight to Mars when an engine exploded and sent them to the surface of Earth. It was a painful part of my life, but as the years went by I learned to adapt to life as an orphan. My uncle was a big part of my life after that, and he was the one to encourage me to join the academy. I didn’t want to be a transporter, however, I preferred scientific research instead. I would go to far away moons and collect things, such as soil or rock samples. It did get kind of boring-until I met them.
Now I’m not the type of guy to jump out of my boots at my first sight of an alien, but these were the most hideous things I’ve ever seen-one eye, gnarling teeth, and thick black fur. I didn’t know that I was about to enter the wildest ride I would take for some time.




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