I am currently working on the second installment of my Bargo Lynden series, a tale about a blacksmith turned wizard, and his continuing struggle to save his homeland from the destruction of evil forces. I am happy to say, editing is going well, and I hope to have it out by the beginning of March. This novel comes out at a busy time preparing for this year’s comic cons and local festivals in the area, but I hope to have things done on schedule.

I also will be working this year on the last two installments of the Aldron series of the Dimension Lapse Multiverse Collection, and another Tobias adventure in the fall.  Amidst personal struggles, and some other of life’s difficulties, it’s once again been a tough year.  Sales last year weren’t where I expected them to be, but I did at least as good as last year.

I once again would like to send out some personal thanks to my good friend, Don Massenzio, who did two interviews with me this year, and continues to be helpful in my journey through self publishing. I’d like to thank Dawn Myers, Director of the Oswego Free Library, who connected me with several local venues, and Laurie Thompson Rachetta, Director of my own local library for carrying my books, and allowing me to host book signings there for other local authors. I’d like to thank Lu  Anne Rowsam, at the Reading Room in Watertown, for carrying books, and allowing me to do book signings there as well. But most of all, I’d like to thank all of my readers, and hope that I can continue to provide you with captivating science fiction and fantasy tales worthy of Issac Asimov or J.R.R. Tolkien himself.


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