NASA has announced the discovery of a solar system circling a red dwarf that has seven planets, three of which have been considered “Earth Like” planets. This is a misnomer, however. Just because they have a rocky surface and core, and the possibility of liquid water doesn’t make them “Earthlike.”

It is an amazing discovery to find any planets orbiting a planet that have liquid water, but that’s where the similarities end. These planets are so close to their “cool sun”, that even the farthest one can orbit the sun in a miraculous eight days. Being that close to the sun leaves them in a tidal orbit, similar to our own moon, where only one side is visible to the sun, and the other side is all dark. Let’s just hope you live on the bright side of the planet. For more information on this subject, click on the link below:,5127.1&keyword=7%20new%20earth%20like%20planets%20found&qsrc=1&q=7%20new%20earth%20like%20planets%20found&src=organic&sid=8095761&yt=&pid=&cid=&clickid=&click_id=&udv=&ude=&udvo=&kwid=&agid=&mode=store1_organic_&gch=&tc=359&qm=&au=&tt=&qWordCount=6&op=st_organic_


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