The next question is based on the original Star Trek series, so if you’re a Trekkie, it will be right up your alley. In the series:

  1. What was an important element used to fuel the vessel’s warp drive engines?
  2. What year was Montgomery Scott(Scotty) born?
  3. In the episode “The Carbonite Manuever” what is the name of the alien ship which traps the Enterprise in a tractor beam?
  4. In the episode “The Naked Time” what is causing the crew to grow gradually insane?
  5. What does Dr, McCoy have trouble with before he arrives on the surface of the planet Ekos in the “Patterns of Force” episode?
  6. William Marshall plays Dr. Richard Daystrom, who designs a computer capable of making humanoid decisions. He is also famous for a two part movie series, which he has the title role. What is it?
  7. In the episode “Mirror, Mirror” what distinguishable feature does Spock have that he doesn’t have in other episodes?
  8. In the episode “Arena”, my fav, what alien presence claims that the Gorns and humans are the real invaders?
  9. What invention does Kirk make in the episode to use to injure the Gorn?

If you missed a week’s questions, that’s all right. Remember, it’s for the most answers right, not every one. Good luck, everyone!



  1. A) Dilithium Crystals
    B) 2222
    C) Fesarius
    D) red liquid…. water from the plant that possesses a previously undetected complex chain of molecules that affects humanoids like alcohol, depressing the centers of judgment and self-control. It is transmitted by touch
    E) The boots that he replicates are not the right size.
    F) Blacula and Scream
    G Van Dyke Beard
    H Metrons
    I a type of cannon or gun using Bamboo, diamons chunks, and black gun powder (which he makes).


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