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This has been a pivotal year for me, and in my third year of writing, I’m actually beginning to see a little progress. I’ve sold more books this year than any other, mainly due to the completion of the first Dimension Lapse Series. There will actually be a second series called the Aldron Series, which is Angelica Avery’s continuation of the adventure, and there will also be two prequels forthcoming. Sales have improved due to the number of series sold this year, and the sales at the New York State Fair was a big boost for me.

So, I have decided in an effort to draw more visitors toward my blog and books, I will run a contest from September to December. It will be the usual question and answer format I’ve done previously on Author takeovers on Facebook and WordPress, but it will be a weekly question that needs to be answered instead, and only on my blog posts. It will go on 14 weeks, until the end of the year.

The grand prize will be a complete collection of my Dimension Lapse novels, including the Special Edition versions; my current children’s book, Tobias Meets A Friend, a new children’s coloring and storybook which will be out in a few weeks, called Wacky Wild Tales, a 100 piece marker set to go with it, and the first signed  copy of my new fantasy book, Bargo Lynden: Adventure of A Lifetime, due out in February. I am also including a signed preview version of the first three chapters of the next installment of the Dimension Lapse series, Journey To Aldron, which is the first part of the Aldron series.

That’s 9 books in all, plus 3 bonus chapters! So as you can see, it’s quite a Christmas gift. All in an effort to expose readers to the world of science, science fiction and early childhood reading on my blog. I am very excited to host this contest, and hope that you’ll take the time to follow me. You have to follow me to be in it, and if you have you’re own blog site, I would be happy to reciprocate.

For contest rules, you’ll need to go to the X-MAS BLOG CONTEST TAB OF MY BLOG SITE.  It also lists the consolation prizes, as well, and restrictions. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY!




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