I only have one word for Sunday’s City Market event that I attended, in hopes I might sell a few books, or my oil paintings-FRUSTRATING.  The event is held the second weekend of the month in Armory Square, Downtown Syracuse, in front of the MOST building.

I signed up for the next three months to help promote my books as well as my oil paintings. Although I did sell a few paintings, the turnout was less than desirable, mainly due to the crazy weather that day. It started as I was setting up, and it began to sprinkle. The wind picked up, making it difficult to set up my canopy. This canopy I ordered on Ebay, which I thought was a folding one, but turned out to be more like a tinker toy project. It was difficult to set up by myself because of the wind. My neighboring vendor helped me set it up, but I had to tie it to poles, trees, and tables to keep it down.

Once I had it anchored, the rain came, and it came heavy. My paintings were soaked, which bowed them. They did dry out, and I was able to straighten them, but during the hours I was there, it was difficult to keep them dry. The books got a little wet, but it was the paintings that took the brunt of the onslaught of nature’s fury.

The wind proved to be the main issue, sometimes knocking over items, sometimes pulling canopies right in the air. Most vendors kept one hand open to sell their merchandise, and the other holding on to their canopies.

I did learn a few things while I was there, however. As I had known from selling flea market items in the past, sometimes a sale doesn’t come right away. You have to be patient as a vendor; some days you do well, and some days you don’t, and Sunday was a day I didn’t sell much.  The other thing I learned was that networking can sometimes be just as important as a sale. You can meet people who can open you to other events, such as vendors, or even customers. I met a young man who told me of a place where I could display my artwork for sale for a mere $10, which is a great price, especially when some galleries charge 100 times that.

The last thing I learned is that I need to not listen to the weatherman, and trust my instinct. If it smells like rain, it probably will rain, so dress accordingly,  and if I see a wind coming, better batten down the hatches, unless I want to try parasailing!


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