I recently had a Facebook day, in which I featured excerpts from my blog, featured trivia questions, and gave out copies of my literary works. I featured a contest for the most likes on everything I posted on my Facebook page for the grand prizes…..

I also entered an author spotlight on another science fiction site for a half hour with total control of the site. Let me start by saying this was no easy task preparing for the event. I didn’t have a problem with enough books, because I usually keep a small, but effective stock of books around the house.

The problem first came when I decided to make three promotional videos for the event. I went out and bought a selfie stand to place my phone on, only to find out that it wouldn’t work on mine or my daughter’s phone. The MacGiver in me gave me a idea to tape it to my microphone stand so that I’d be able to adjust to exactly the right height. After some careful adjustment, my wife and I were ready to film, but there was one problem-the timer was set for 15 seconds.

After some careful adjustment, I was able to get it to work right, and we successfully taped three videos, but there was another problem- I wasn’t able to load it on Facebook from my go phone.  My daughter being more knowledgeable about the current technology, was able to tape two videos and post them to Facebook. Yay!! I especially like the Balta video!

Nick Mugshot

So I woke up Saturday ready to go. There was another problem, however. The site I was supposed to be featured on asked me how come I didn’t go on at the right time, but I believe everyone didn’t figure for time zones. They had me on for 4:30 AM, and I told them that I wanted the 12:30pm slot. But all worked out well, I went on at 12:30 anyway, took 20 minutes, and they offered to pay for costs by paying for one of my books for the next giveaway they have. Everyone was happy!

Then there were the likes for the grand prize. At one point I couldn’t keep up with them, and had to ask people to slow down. I will say, however, that they boosted my facebook page to my best response ever. I appreciated everybody’s engagement of my posts, I just couldn’t keep up!

All in all, it was a big success, and I plan on doing it again as soon as my new book is completed. I’m currently formatting it and on its final edit, and hope to have it out by April at the earliest, and June at the latest. I already have a cover in mind. There are some things I may change in the next event; only one grand prize winner, only ten likes per hour counted, and different prizes than just books, such as movie passes and gift certificates.  I also will refrain on giving away my first book free on kindle the same day as well. Shipping costs also were a little bit of an issue; maybe next time I’ll get thinner envelopes, and throw in newspaper for wrapping instead!


I had a great time reaching out to new readers, and fellow indie authors who helped me with the event, such as Don Massenzio and Jonathon Meyer, who also answered one of the trivia questions correctly and won a copy of my first book.  Hopefully, the overall experience did boost my visibility both on Smashwords and Amazon, and will lead to more sales.  Time will tell, but until then, it’s back to formatting!

Join me next time on my blog, when I return with my final installment of the nanotechnology series. Until then, have a safe and pleasant day!


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