We all know that Christopher Columbus sailed to find the West Indies by route of the Atlantic Ocean, and that he didn’t discover the United States at all, but the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t set out to prove the world was round; Magellan later set out to prove this, and although didn’t survive, he was successful.

But not everybody knows that the first of his four voyages he sailed right through the Bermuda Triangle. There is some belief that strange things did indeed happen as they passed through it; but in all fairness, some of them can be explained by natural phenomena.


Christopher Columbus diary, is the basis for some of the claims of eerie events that occurred. These diaries later were found to not be actual accounts, but a rewritten account by a friend of a distant uncle of a man who served with Columbus. I’m not going to get into what they said, I’ll provide the links below, and you can look it up yourself.

One account states about a calm sea that suddenly becomes violent and stormy, almost as if supernatural in occurrence. Anyone who’s been on any body of water with a vessel knows that a storm can suddenly spring up at a moment’s notice. I’ve been on the water for many years on the St. Lawrence, and even there it can be rough and unpredictable at times.


Another account reports of the Saragossa Sea, where the ships came to an almost  dead calm for 23 miles, even when there was a steady wind. There were few fish in the area, the crew ran out of food, and threatened to mutiny if they didn’t find land soon. Stories were told about huge, underwater sea monsters that consumed entire ships. This, of course, was false, and the slow travel was likely caused by the huge concentration of seaweed in the area, which chokes the oxygen out of the water, thus causing the fish to move to another area.


There was also a problem with his compass, which is common in this area, and explained as a geomagnetic anomaly. There are certain regions around the world where this occurs, and although scientists can’t explain it, they believe it is a natural phenomenon, and not the work of extraterrestrials.


Which brings us to the last account in the diary which spoke of  “lights in the sky.” The actual account states ” that a great fire came from the sky into the sea, and that lights flickered on and off periodically through the night, as if someone lit a candle, and it rose above the sea.”   The first was more likely to be a meteorite, and not a UFO at all, and as anyone knows who’s been on a boat, lights on the land will rise and fall with the movement of the boat, or with a rise and fall of the landscape. There is also the explanation of natural aireal events, such as ball lightning, and the Aurora Borlelas.


Now, it’s not for me to say that they didn’t see an alien spaceship, I wasn’t there, and you weren’t either. Many reports of UFO’s are either over water, or near water. This is also the premise for my third installment of my Dimension Lapse Series. The truth is, however, that many things during that time in the world couldn’t be explained with normal explanations.

We know now that there are really big animals that live in the ocean, and they were probably even bigger then because there were less humans on the ocean. The giant squid, which reaches over 60 feet was believed to be a myth, until it was filmed just over a year ago. Even a small one could easily dwarf the 30 feet galleons that existed then, and back then scientists believed they could have even reached up to 80 or 90 feet, which indeed could be a monster! UFO’s are still a mystery, however, and until the verdict is in, skeptical to most people. Seeing is believing, as they say.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a brand new two week series. Until then, here are today’s links:


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