I had the unexpected unfortunate circumstances of being caught in what appeared to me to be a small tornado. The weather service of course downgraded to a straight line wind effect, but they also stated that it was equivalent to an EF-1 tornado.
They said gusts were 100 mph near the villages of Earlville and Brookefield. I knew from driving through it that it had to either be a tornado or be close to one. The road in front of me was blocked off for about an hour, until some neighbors removed the tree that was blocking it.
It’s an experience that I never want to feel again. Trees were falling around me and the hail was as big as marbles. At one point, the car shook violently, but it did not flip over. I had pulled over by an open field, and was waiting the storm out.
When faced with an emergency situation, we too often panic or don’t know what to do. If you were faced in a situation with an ef-4 or ef-5 tornado, what would you do?
What would you do if you were in a similar situation as I was, in a lesser degree storm?

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