PIA15414_hithumbdetlev-van-ravenswaay-terraformed-mars-artwork The chicken bbq was a great success! People were dancing and groovin’ to the sounds of Crusin Country and myself,(Nick At Nite) and books were signed for the lucky few who bought books from me. I had a very informative discussion with another self-published writer named Shirley Myers who was also selling her bible story coloring books, titled “Grandma, Tell Me a Story.” We discussed different aspects of writing such as marketing, publishing, and editing. If you would like to visit her website, go to
All people there had a great time, between the music, food(Probably the best bbq chicken in this area), and the
very pleasant and efficient staff. North Manlius United Church, you know how to do it right!THUMBS UPa-spaceship-in-orbit-over-mars-moon-phobos-with-the-red-planet-mars-in-the-background

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